Dear fellow road warrior, executive, business owner, or traveler-


As a frequent international traveler myself, I fully understand the hassle and toll that long-haul travel can take on an individual. The getting to the airport, the security lines, the waiting at the gates, the inability to move comfortably in your own seat while on the air... all of it negatively impacting our performance in most aspects of our life, including our jobs. Sometimes these negative effects can be felt for weeks or months after an long haul trip! The solution is premium class travel, which more than just a pleasant and comfortable flight, includes a smooth and pleasant airport to airport experience. You WILL see the results.


At Insight Premium Travel we aim to do one of two things: 1) make international premium class travel attainable for you as an individual or for your business, and 2) significantly reduce your international premium travel expenses; oh and we'll save you the many hours of research that it takes to make this happen. IPT's hands-on experience in points and miles valuation, loyalty programs, airline partnerships, and travel routings will unlock the true value of frequent flyer programs for you or your organization. More often than not your air travel in business and first class will cost less than the cost of flying coach! Let that sink in for a moment...

But why exactly do you need us?


  • IPT utilizes specialized software and years of first hand experience to find creative and opaque solutions to book flights on desirable routings, airlines, and aircrafts.

  • Most of the time this inventory cannot be found by your average corporate travel departments, online search engines or even airline representatives.

  • With multiple transferable bank programs and frequent flyer programs, it becomes very confusing to know where to transfer your points to or what airline program provides you with more value for a given redemption.

  • Award space is extremely volatile and if you're not monitoring constantly you easily miss out on great options.


Our goal is to help you overcome these and other roadblocks that you will no doubt encounter. We look forward to working with you!

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Ricardo Rivera
Founder and Principal

A frequent and avid traveler, Ricardo has traveled to over 40 countries and has held Top Tier Elite status with multiple airline programs and continues to travel extensively throughout the year on premium cabins by utilizing points and miles.

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