We understand that traveling in business and first class with points is not always possible, as it often requires a certain amount of flexibility. That's why even in those occasions, we're here to help.

Our executive concierge service includes:

  • Booking processing and completion.

  • Providing support to the traveler before, during, and after travel. From trip changes to cancellations to other issues... we're here to be the liaison between you and the airline.

  • Providing you with comprehensive information about your airline, aircraft, seats, airport lounges, airport restaurants, airport terminals and more.

  • Helping you to fly the right airlines according to your circumstances to earn elite status quickly, and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

  • Ensuring that you're earning the most points and miles relevant to you, for future use.

  • Verifying that your miles are posting accurately and advising on how to use them in the future

Make your next business trip as comfortable and seamless as possible, while earning the points and miles you need for your next free getaway. 

Our $100 per passenger per booking fee is due once reservations are ticketed and finalized.

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